Thursday, January 8, 2009


While cleaning John up from his yummy dinner of sweet potatoes, pears, and a few banana and whole wheat puffs I saw what I thought was a chunk of food in the front of his bottom jaw. It turned out to be his first tooth! It is just barely through, but it is sharp.
Why are baby teeth so sharp? Don't they feel any compassion for the women who are breastfeeding? I am living in fear of the first big bite and hoping that everything on me will remain intact!
While it is exciting to have this new addition I am sad that my babies are growing up so fast! They are already 8 months old and I feel like they were just born!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


While visiting my sister Angie, John decided to learn a new trick. He grabbed onto daddy's hands and pulled himself to his knees then to his feet. He then decided to do this using the exersaucer instead of daddy.

When we got home, I was nursing Megan in their room while John laid in his crib. The next thing I knew I saw a little head pop up and a huge grin form....needless to say the mattress has now been lowered all the way!

He is so proud of himself and it is pretty darn cute to watch. Now we let him stay in Megan's crib (which is closest to the changing table) and let him stand up while we change diapers.

Christmas Morning

John and Megan got exactly what they wanted for Christmas..paper!
They also received wonderful clothes and toys from so many family and friends. I can't wait until next year when they actually know what is going on!

We hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season.