Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So busy!

For those of you who don't know, I have decided to go back to work and was fortunate to secure a teaching job in this economy. I am teaching the 5th-8th Grade Accelerated Learner Program at South Arbor Charter Academy. I will teach Science and Language Arts and am very excited for this new adventure!

This means daycare for the kids and what a stressful situation that is! A daycare has been chosen, but the kids can't start until they are 2 years and 6 months (November) so we had to figure out an alternate plan until then.

I have two amazing women that care for my kids when I need a moment. They have agreed to work together to care for John and Megan. Our sitter will come to the house in the morning so I can leave for work and she will take care of the kids until lunch time when she will drive them to daycare. This will let the kids be in their home, let them sleep in, and allow them to slowly transition into full time daycare in November. I can't imagine what I would do without them and know that my kids love them too!

I am still volunteering at St. Joseph Mercy (where the kids were born) and continue to be the Chairperson for the Family Advisory Board in the NICU. Our annual Fashion Show and Silent Auction are right around the corner and we are working hard to make this the best year ever.

This summer I continued with my canning. The kids and I are enjoying our jams, tomatoe sauces, and peaches. I am looking forward to the fall when I can make applebutter and applesauce.
The kids are amazing! Earlier in the summer they had surgery to put tubes in their ears. There have been minimal runny noses since then! They are talking up a storm and communicate in full sentences much of the time. John is riding his bike like he has been doing it his whole life, they love swimming, and are pretty excited about ice cream. Megan is still pretty tiny (about 22 pounds) and John is bulking up (nearing 27 pounds). They are both working on their two year molars which is super fun! They love going to birthday parties and singing "happy to you" to everyone who will listen. They are transitioning to full time daycare well and I hope that they continue to enjoy it! John now has curly blonde hair. It is fantastic and I hope that he keeps it. Megan has gone through a few stages of hair likes...ponytails are now acceptable again, but not everyday! She is very particular about it and we are letting her hair grow out. Unless it becomes a mullett again!

I am hoping that things calm down a little and I will be able to update everyone on my life soon.

Enjoy the rest of your summer....mine seems to have flown by!