Monday, April 27, 2009

March for Babies

I am amazed at the strength of the men, women, and children who I walked with yesterday! Whenever I spend time with my fellow Family Advisory Board members or other families who have experienced the NICU, I am thankful. Thankful that my children received amazing care at St. Joes, thankful that they are thriving and doing well, and thankful that I have them.

I hope that many more children are able to benefit from the funds raised from these walks.

Next year I am forming a team and gathering many walkers. If you aren't on a team already let this be your warning. I will ask you to join the cause and walk with us!

John and Megan were so exhausted from the walk that they spent the first half sleeping.
Oh to be pushed around all day...what a life!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Megan loves to feed herself!
John took the spoon out of my hands and would not give it back!

Tim did a good job of putting the kids to bed that night!!!

Playing with the Aunt Angie and Uncle Tadd's front door!

I haven't really updated info on the kids lately...I will do a large post after their next doctors appointment, but here is some news.

Both babies are everywhere! John is close to walking. He will push his little bike (used to practice walking) and walk behind it...very cute. Megan will stand at the toy, take a step or two, and then fall down.

John now has 4 teeth...two on top and two on bottom. Megan just has the two on the bottom.

Both love to take baths and are very good at saying mama and dada! They eat pretty much what we eat and dislike most baby food now.

On May 6th they will be turning 1. Where did the time go???

A Wedding!

My sister Angie and her fiance Tadd called on Wednesday morning and asked what we were doing the next day at 3. I of course said nothing (as if that were the truth) and they said that they were getting married! Tim, the babies, and I made our way back to Indiana to witness the wedding! We are so happy to officially welcome Tadd to our family! We love them both and know that they will have many happy years together.

Right before the ceremony.

These are the members of the family (Angie's side) that were able to make the wedding.
Joined together as husband and wife!
How thoughtful of Jill to bring them a cake! I have decapitated the lamb and placed its head in their freezer for the happy couple to eat on their one year anniversary!