Monday, May 24, 2010

John and Megan Turn 2 at

I added pictures from the birthday party in Indiana. If you don't want to watch then entire thing again the new segment starts at 3 minutes 8 seconds.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

John and Megan Turn 2 at

John and Megan are 2

It amazes me that my children are already two. They are such awesome kids and I know that I am so privileged to be their mom.
As many changes occur in our lives, I know that John and Megan will continue to thrive. They give and receive an overwhelming amount of love as well as support. They have such a connection to each other and always try to comfort the other if upset or angry (unless of course, they were the cause). It is my hope that they will always give their love, encouragement, and support freely to each other.
It has been a while since I have given a "What are the twins doing?" update, so I thought that it was time.
John is talking up a storm. He really loves to say "I don't want that" or "Stop it". He continues to be a rough and tumble boy. Right now he has two black eyes. One from running into a 2x4 and where the other one came from is a mystery. He chases and tackles Megan whenever he can and really enjoys sitting on her until she gets upset (and sometimes even after she gets upset). He has thought about sitting on the potty and has even peed 3 times, but shows no real interest, so we are not pushing him. John has shown that he is a true monkey. He climbs everything that he can and loves to play with balls and ride his bike. He is on the go all the time and when nap and bedtimes come around he is ready to sleep. He lies in his crib and covers himself up before saying "night night". So cute! At his two year check-up he weighed in at 24 lbs. The pediatrician says that he has no noticeable delays and that he has caught up with his peers, no longer being considered a preemie!
Megan is my little mommy. I am amazed at the tenderness she shows others. She is very concerned if people are crying and often dries their eyes and says "Don't cry, It's OK". She is my little helper too. She will always make sure that John has his drink or snack and then gets hers. It is pretty sweet (but we will make sure that she knows it is OK to take care of herself too). She is in love with baby dolls. She sleeps with at least one a night and is very particular about them. She got a few for her birthday that have removable clothes. She doesn't like them to stay dressed, so we have some naked babies all around the house. Megan is also VERY chatty! She is very interested in potty training. She has gone poopy in her diaper only 2 times in the past week. She will let us know she has to poop and then usually try to take her pants and diaper off then run to the potty. She like to take her time and spends 15-30 minutes working it out (often with a book or a conversation). She has NEVER peed on the potty though, which seems a bit backward to me, but I am not going to question it. She does like to take her diaper off right after she goes pee though, so maybe we are on our way. At her two year check-up she weighed in at 20 lbs 13 oz. She is still not caught up to full term babies of her age in regards to weight, but has made the height chart! The pediatrician said that she has also caught up with peers her age and is no longer considered a preemie either! He did say that she would probably continue to be tiny though.
Both John and Megan love to eat anything with ketchup as well as ice cream, but not together (as shown in the video). They are getting really good at drinking out of a cup and are finally getting rid of their pacifiers. Project pacifier disposal started this week and only allows for pacifiers at nap and bed time. Megan is struggling with it a bit more than John, but I am staying strong! Needless to say, taking them out is a bit more stressful if they get upset as there is now no silencer!
The past two years have been filled with tremendous joy and unbelievable sadness. As I continue to learn and grow from each new experience and roadblock, I know that I am becoming a better mom to the two most important people in my life. I love them more than I could have possibly imagined and will do everything in my power to make sure that they always know and feel that love.
Thank you to all the family and friends who have shown their support, love, and encouragement to John and Megan!