Saturday, August 8, 2009

15 month check-up

AAAGGGHHH...a walk right before bedtime!

I took the babies in for their 15 month check-up on Thursday.

Both kids are doing great! They are continuing to grow appropriately...right along the arch below the charts.

John weighs in at 19 lbs 11 oz and is actually in the 3rd percentile for weight.
Megan weighs 16 lbs 15 1/2 oz and is still not quite on the charts.

Both of their head sizes are on the charts..basically I have long skinny babies with giant heads!
It is a wonder they can walk so well!

Both are starting to talk more and are very daring athletically.

John loves to stack things so that he can climb onto either the couch or a chair. He has only fallen a few times and we are hoping that he keeps all of his teeth and that he will not need any stitches. He realized that he is bigger than Megan so he picks on her. He will chase her and then grab her shirt, pull her down and sit or lay on her. Megan laughs some of the time, but at times gets pretty upset about it.

Megan loves to dance (as you can see by the video)! She is always moving and always chatting. She is repeating more words and can now say "all done". Because she is smaller and gets picked on by her brother she has started to bad. Hopefully as she gets a bit bigger or as she learns different ways to get away from John the biting will stop. It happens about once every day or so and only once so badly that I had to get her to unclench her jaws! I guess that we are lucky it is not all the time.

The kids and I are heading to Indiana next Wednesday to help my sister get ready for her wedding reception. Tim will be joining us for the weekend. We are looking forward to spending time with family and friends again...for something that will be a happy occasion!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Megan Dancing!

Tim and I have been wondering where Megan got her dance moves from...any thoughts?