Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It has begun...

This week has been spent wiping noses, dosing out medicine, and giving breathing treatments. Both John and Megan have responded pretty well to the treatment and seem to be doing better.
The doctor seems to think that John has asthma and that Megan (and possibly John) has allergies. The asthma might be due to the immaturity of his lungs at birth and will quite possibly go away as he grows and gets stronger. Megan had an increased chance of having allergies due to her histamine cluster on her shoulder. Nothing is in stone yet, but we will discuss it further when we go in for their 18 month check up. Wish us luck.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Check out this amazing new website...

Hi everyone. Please check out my brother Zach's new website, The Truth Pursuit.

The Truth Pursuit is a smart news aggregator and gateway.
We utilize the Daylife news platform which provides our readers with access to a diverse collection of the day's news and views. Our smart news aggregator approach allows us to deliver multiple ideological perspectives, giving our readers an opportunity to develop an informed opinion.
(taken straight from the website)

Follow The Truth Pursuit link to the right to see what the website has to offer.
I hope you enjoy it. I know that I have!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Recent pics

Last year our yard was horrible. We decided that it was time to redo everything. The grass was torn out and the yard was leveled. A concrete slab and a great deal of landscaping were pulled out too. We had sod laid and some basic landscaping taken care of. We are so pleased with the results and the kids are enjoying playing in the lush, green grass.

Megan wearing pigtails! So much better than the mullet she has been sporting!

Our new fire pit was broken in with some great friends..s'mores were made and eaten!

Helping a dear friend unpack boxes and try to set up her classroom! Wow there were a lot of boxes (which the kids loved to climb on).

If you leave my bedroom door open for even a minute, the children will climb on my bed and look out the window. Pretty cute, but a bit nerve wracking as they climb on everything!!!

We spent the day at the beach with some amazing friends. Both John and Megan loved the sand and the water. They were filthy and exhausted when we got home!

A look back

As September continues on, I look back fondly on the many wonderful things that the children and I (am sometimes with daddy) were able to do the past few months.
We spent days at the zoo with wonderful friends, met some family members at our family reunion in Iowa, made quite a few trips to Biggby Coffee on Plymouth Rd., and headed to Elkhart, IN to visit with my family.

We have had some great loss, but have also had great joy with my sisters wedding/reception and the birth of my nephew Vinny.

Both of the children are doing well! John has been filling out and actually has a chubby look to his face (so cute). We are not sure what the situation is with his injured tooth, but it looks like it might be coming in more (which would be a good sign). We go back to the dentist on October 1st and will update you all then. He now has his top 4 teeth, his bottom 4 teeth, and 4 molars. He is not a great teether and we had some tense days when all 4 molars were coming in at once, but he made it through by biting on everything he could get his hands on. He is very interested in jumping and has been trying to do so for a few weeks now. It is very cute to see him attempt it over and over again. There are a few occasions where he has actually done it and he gets so excited. He has a new found infatuation with airplanes. He hears them and will point in the sky and watch them as they go by. He loves them! He also has begun to play with a new type of toy...CARS!!! Can't get enough of them. I guess that we are getting out of the soft cuddly toys and moving into the big boy items. His personality continues to blossom and he makes me laugh constantly!

Megan is still pretty tiny, but is keeping up with her brother as he gets into mischief. She is completely in love with music and will dance and sing whenever she hears it. She is really vocal, but is not forming many words on her own..she will repeat words though. Megan is a magnet for mosquitos. I can't believe how often she gets bit and how large the bites become as well as how long they stay. I am wondering if it is because of her histamine clustering. Something to ask the doctor next time we see him. I got her a dolly last week and she loved it so much that she would sleep with it. I was hearing a strange banging sound during nap a few days ago and peeked my head into the room. Megan was banging the dolls head on the rails of the crib. I let it go and walked away. At the end of nap the dolls arm was broken off...probably not a good idea to let Megan play with any newborn babies by herself. Megan has her top 4 teeth, but only two on the bottom. She also has 3 of her 4 molars in with the fourth one working its way through. Megan has figured out how to open the pantry and get her favorite cereal out. She will pull out the box, take it to her favorite seat, open it, smile, and eat it piece by piece.

Tim is continuing to be busy with work and spending time with the kids and I. I have been training for a 5k (I am planning on signing up for one in October) and spending a lot of time with the kids and friends. It feels a bit strange not to be in the classroom right not, but am so happy that I am able to stay home and raise our kids!

We are looking forward to a wonderful fall. We will be trick or treating for the first time as well as heading to the pumpkin patch! Any suggestions for costumes???

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bath night gone wrong!

Tim was playing softball last night so bath night fell to me. Here's how it went down....

The kids were having a great time playing in the tub. I bathed them and let them play for a few more minutes while I cleaned up all the toys and started to drain the tub.

I got Megan out first and started to dry her off. Before I could get John out and dried off he squatted and pooped in the tub. I quickly scooped the poop and John out of the tub and began to dry him off so that I could get a diaper on him.

Megan followed us to the bedroom (carrying her towel) and played on the floor while I dried and diapered John. As I turned to put John on the ground I saw that Megan was squatting down and pooping on the carpet! I said "no, no, no", which caused Megan to step back into the poop. I scooped her up and blocked the path to the poop from John. I quickly cleaned her foot and put a diaper on her (neither finished their poops so diapering immediately was important). I put her down and had a wipe in my hand to clean up the poop from the carpet. Before I could get to it, my dog ran out from under Megan's crib and ATE THE POOP!!!!!

I don't think that I will be bathing them by myself for quite some time!

Here is a recent photo of the kids..enjoying a snack after naptime...