Monday, July 18, 2011

3rd Birthday Party May 2011 at

John and Megan had an amazing 3rd birthday! So many of our friends and family were able to come and be part of the celebration.

NICU Reunion 2011 - 3 years old! at

Some cute pictures of the kiddos from the NICU reunion. My friend Greta is a photographer and she is amazing!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Terrible 2's...more like terrible 3's!

My neighbors kept telling me that the three's were going to be rough. I didn't believe them. John and Megan were great at 2...why would I expect anything less at 3.
Well, sadly they were right. These two are insane! It takes at least an hour to get settled for a nap, bedtime isn't so great either! Before I would lay them in their beds, give them some hugs and kisses, and leave the room. The angels would be asleep moments later. Now it is World War III trying to get them to leave each other alone. The phrase "I just want you" comes out of John's mouth every time I leave him alone (Tim has informed me it happens at his house too). They are kicking on the doors, jumping from bed to bed, and messing with each other. At this point, I am seriously considering separate bedrooms immediately!

Although that rant makes it sound like things are not so great...there are many amazing things happening at our house with my people as well.
John and Megan are both officially potty trained - NO pull-ups....dry over nights too!
The paci fairy came to mommy and daddy's houses and took the paci's away. We survived the 4 days of screaming and no longer use pacifiers!
They kids are talking a mile a minute, they are both active and happy. Megan loves reading and John is all boy!
They just started a 6 week ice skating class. Tim took them this week and I am excited to tag along and watch next week. I will get some pictures.

I will post some pictures before we head on our trip to Tennessee/Georgia the first week of August. I am looking forward to spending time with family for an entire week. I hope that they are ready to have my two little people infiltrate their space!